Meet Kristin

Kristin has built a career guided by the will to improve lives. In 2007, Kristin began her vocation as a clinical therapist after obtaining her Master’s degree in clinical psychology. As a therapist, Kristin worked with children, adolescents, and families in therapeutic schools, psychiatric hospitals and foster homes in Chicago.When Kristin later relocated to her native New York City, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

A yearlong struggle with this debilitating disease left Kristin bedridden. The help she sought in conventional medicine did not bring the improvement she needed. Kristin realized then that only a shift in lifestyle could bring about the changes she needed. She committed to a health-supportive diet and watched as clean, mindful eating returned her to wellness.Upon regaining her health, Kristin dedicated herself to healing others using the power of nutrition after receiving her Chef’s Certification from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts.

Through her customized chef and consultation services in New York City, Kristin helps her clients – from cancer survivors to celebrities and professional athletes to busy families – reach their wellness goals.